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Tools of the Trade

Evidence: Preparation/Interpretation and Practical Application
guest author: Samantha R. Thornton

I am not sure about anyone else, but clients are always sending or bringing me things they think a. will help their case, b. want our office to be aware of, or c. are unsure what it is and think, "I think I will just give this to my attorney's office".

In may circumstances, clients provide "stuff" whether that be relevant to the trajectory of the outcome we're trying to accomplish in their case or not. It is important to consult with the following information when you too find yourself in the aforementioned scenario.

What is Evidence?
Or rather I say the purpose - the underlying purpose of evidence would be to prove or disprove facts that remain in dispute. I would add the nature of the dispute is somewhat irrelevant, because this could include: Litigation, or even some form of Alternative Dispute Resolution (Mediation, Arbitration or even Depositions), and arguably negations surrounding global settlement.

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Quick Tips

Quick Tips for a Family Law Temporary Orders Hearing
guest author: Patrick A. Wright

In the family law practice, attorneys commonly encounter temporary orders hearings. These hearings put temporary orders in place for each party to follow until a final decree is entered. While each hearing will present different facts and situations, the following tips should always be utilized to effectively represent the client.

  1. Always Bring and Use a Picture of the Child, If a Child Exists
    A picture of the child serves multiple purposes. First, the picture will remind the trial judge that a child subject of the suit exists. Second, since the child likely will not be at the hearing, a picture will give a face and a presence to the child for the judge. Finally, pictures of the child with the client are important so the judge sees the beneficial family interactions.

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